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Jun 1st
Vintage Wicker Laundry Basket with Liner

Wicker laundry hamper – Imagine surprise your child, partner or friend on Easter morning with a picture perfect basket full of his favorite goodies. You can buy Easter baskets that are already filled with gifts, but preparing an Easter basket by hand is more personal and meaningful (and usually cheaper.) If it is the first time to put together an Easter basket, the task may seem overwhelming. Creating an attractive wicker laundry hamper means just a few steps.


Select a container to be used as a basket. You can use a traditional basket or a container that serves as a gift, such as an up and down cap, sand bucket or big mold. Fill the wicker laundry hamper with shredded paper or plastic Easter “grass”. If you want an eco-friendly Easter basket, skip the fill or use a handy gift like a filling, such as a soft washcloth. You can also line Easter basket with tissue, cloth or paper towels.

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Arrange gifts and sweets in the basket. For best results, arrange big items first, such as books and chocolate rabbits, and then add smaller items, such as individual pieces of candy. Arrange smaller objects so that they are all visible; For example, candy or pencils stand on their ends instead of placing them flat. If you are unsure how to fill the basket, consider adding stickers, food, candy, plush animals, books, art materials, stationery and small toys. Wrap the wicker laundry hamper in colored cellophane, if desired, by placing the basket in the middle of a 4-foot cellophane. Then lift the corners of the cellophane to the top of the basket and attach the cellophane with a strap just above the basket handle. Alternatively, tie a ribbon bow on the handle on the basket.


Think about how many gifts you want to buy when selecting containers. A large container requires many more gifts to look properly filled in. wicker laundry hamper make great gifts. By matching the basket you give to your mother, you can show her how much she means to you. You can customize this gift basket according to your mother’s personal preferences and your budget to create a truly memorable mother’s day. Select a container to hold the different items for your mom’s present gift basket. It may be all you decide, from a traditional wicker laundry hamper to something that can be a part of the gift itself, such as a big coffee mug filled with coffee samples and chocolate-coated resurrection spoons.

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