Wall Mount Wine Rack Plan

Aug 5th
Wall Mount Wine Rack System

Wall mount wine rack – Wine rack lend a sense of sophistication to the kitchen, dining and recreation areas. Most floor-mounted or countertop wine rack taking up valuable space that could be used for other purposes. A wall mounted wine rack adds aesthetics without taking up floor or counter space. Most homeowners can make and install a simple wall-mounted wine rack in the course of an afternoon.

Wall mount wine rack, cut the board to a 4-inch width by using a table saw. Sand board easy to remove chips and achieve a smooth surface. Round edges on one long side and both short sides of the board with a router and a rounding bit. You can also use the router to round the corners.

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Build wall mount wine rack, select a line 1¼ inches from the rounded long side of the card and extend along the entire length of the board. Make a mark on this line 3 inches from one end of the board. Starting at one of the brands, make additional marks every 6 inches along the line. You will have a total of six brands, and the final selection will be 3 inches from the opposite edge. These brands will be the center point for each hole.

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