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Jul 23rd
Travel Laundry Bag
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What can you do when your suitcases become dirty or stained? Are you taking him to the laundry? If you learn how to wash your travel laundry bag at home you can save a lot of money . And make your luggage look like new. We bring you some useful tips on how to clean any type of travel bag or suitcase. Whether it is nylon, polyester, canvas, polycarbonate or leather. Of course you should be careful with your suitcases so they stay clean as long as possible so you do not have to clean them often. However, there are times when you can not avoid getting dirty, especially if you travel by plane, so your bags are out of your control for a long time.

To keep them in mind these simple tips. Travel bags that are not foldable should be filled with rags, clothing or paper before storing them to maintain their shape. Leather bags should be stored in cotton bags or pillow cases. If the space allows you, store the suitcases with the soft front face against others of the material mime instead of storing them on top of each other. And if a small suitcase fits you into a big one you’ll keep it neat and you’ll save space too. Place a bag of silica gel or a drying wipe inside each suitcase to keep them dry and smelling pleasant.

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Many brands of travel laundry bag come with specific instructions on how to care for their parts. But depending on the material they are, there are some common methods. And home cleaning solutions that work great for small stains and for general maintenance. If you are not sure about using any of these methods. You can try to do it in a small chunk before doing it all over the suitcase.

Polyester is easy to clean and the ballistic nylon is call well by the Teflon treatment they receive to repel most stains. And dirt so cleaning these traveling bags is fairly straightforward. While some manufacturers recommend using a special cleanser. Most of the time you just have to use a soft bristle nylon brush moistened in warm water and mild soap. It cleans the entire face of the suitcase and not just the dirty spots. You can also use any upholstery cleaner designed for nylon or polyester travel laundry bag. Be careful not to use these cleaners in leather areas if any. Dry the suitcase completely in the shade before storing it.

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