Creative Idea of Laundry Tote Bag from Gaffa Tape

Jun 24th
Waterproof Laundry Tote Bag
Waterproof Laundry Tote Bag

Laundry tote bag – If you live in New York chances you have to take your laundry somewhere. Whether it’s for Laundromat or if you’re lucky somewhere in your apartment building you need something to carry it in. Even if you have your own laundry room these bags are great for traveling. Just pack one in your suitcase and keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones. So when you get home just drop the bag in front of the washing machine until you’re ready to tackle it. Meanwhile, gaffa tape is a durable and versatile material. That can used to make a wide assortment of items including wallets, book bags and tote bags. Because gaffa tape is such a cheap and durable material, the items you create using gaffa tape are guaranteed to last.

And also will not put pressure on your finances. You can create and decorate duct tape laundry tote bag that will rugged and fashionable accessories. And also make excellent gifts. Instructions to make a creative laundry tote bag from gaffa tapes, starting with create your duct tape fabric. Loose strips of duct tape sticky side on a flat surface with each strip overlapping the other of about 1 cm. Flip the tape over. Then the sticky side up and put another coat of gaffa tape over the first sticky side down to create your fabric. Create enough fabric for you to create your shopping bag, including the handles. Second, cut sides, body and handle of your tote bag from duct tape fabric using scissors and ruler. Cut handle in a “U” shape or in any shape you would like to keep fit.

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Cut out of one large piece that can folded in half to create the body. The pages can be as wide as you want them to be. But should be long enough to match all the body edges. Third, fold bag in half body so that the sides you want to have on the outside are now facing each other inside. Lift the sides of the body leaving the top open and about 1/4 inch seam along the sides. Fourth, Cover exposed staples with small strips of fork tape. Get into the bag and make it worn out, so the finished sides outwards and seams are now inside the bag. Center and short handle on the inside of your laundry tote bag. Cover the exposed staples with strips of fork tape. Decorate your laundry tote bag with designs or strips of fork tape if desired.

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