Kid Desk Chair for Your Son

Jun 8th
IKEA Kids Desk Chair

You are thinking about buying a kid desk chair and you can not decide … This is as normal as the products offered in the market are very broad, and therefore the doubts and confusion. I would like to give you small basic recommendations, but maybe bring a little light: What you should look out for when buying a desk for the study area of the room of your children?

Lumbar support: It is important to maintain the shape of the curvature of the back in their foothold. And as has always said “as you pick up the kidneys”. To this end, in addition to the form, it is advisable to sit lower lumbar support against the backrest. Some kid desk chair attaches a padded support. Also curvature front seat: The front edge of the chair should take a slight bend down, preventing you press your thighs and your blood vessels. If this happens, the child may feel like sleeping or legs numb.

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Height of kid desk chair: As every child is different, the ideal height will always depend on the height of your child. It is recommended that once seated, his thighs form a right angle of 90 ° with the ground. To find out easily if not adjustable chair is suitable, simply support the knee on the front edge standing. If it matches your knee, it is correct. And adjustable: The importance of this function is to adjust the height of the chair and desk setting as your child grows.

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