Installing Narrow Closet Organizer

Sep 5th
Wood Narrow Closet Organizer
Wood Narrow Closet Organizer

Narrow closet organizer is effective; visually appealing and can maximize space by providing a place for everything. While many options are available, the most popular and most cost effective option is wire shelves. Wire shelves are especially useful in pantry and laundry rooms, as it can easily be adapted to the specific needs of the area. Before you begin the installation, lay out a concise plan for the shelves and decide if a pre-cut kit or custom layout is most appropriate. Once you have organized your plan, the installation can be done in a very short time.


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Take everything from the narrow closet organizer, including existing shelves or hanging bars. You can also remove the doors if it creates more work space for the installation. Measure the location of the upper basket. It should be at least 10 inches from the ceiling, but can be customized to your requirements. Measure a second place at the same distance from the ceiling and use a straight edge to connect the two brands. Confirm the line is straight by placing the level along the line.

Find the central stud in the center wall of your narrow closet organizer, and mark it with a pen along the line marked for height. Measure the length of the wall and confirm your shelf is cut to the appropriate size. If not, cut the shelf to the correct length with an arch file. Hold the shelf assembly against the wall along the vertical line mark. Drill a screw through the hole on the shelf in stud using the mark previously made.

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