Ideas of Built In Closet Organizer

Jul 24th
Remodel Built In Closet Organizer
Remodel Built In Closet Organizer

Built in closet organizer – We’ve all been there – you wake up in the morning and just cannot find anything to wear. You rifle through your wardrobe, but its mess. You know you bought some new shirts a few weeks ago but just cannot find them. It’s easy to let your wardrobe come here, but think if everything was organized. Follow these steps to get your wardrobe in order.


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Remove all from the wardrobe. Leave clothes on the hangers but remove them from the built in closet organizer and lay them on the bed. Remove all items from the floor in the wardrobe, even loose clothes and items that do not belong there. Hang the loose clothes on the hangers and put them in the pile of clothes on your bed. Take the shoes out of the wardrobe and put them aside in pairs. Go through each garment and see if something should be given to charity.

Share clothes in highs based on categories such as short-sleeved shirts, long sleeve shirts, skirts, dresses and pants. Choose categories to help you when searching. If you never seem to find dressed pants or slacks, make a category for dress pants and non-dressed pants. Stack each item in a stack based on the categories you choose. Make sure the clothes do not fall out of the hangers in the process. Hang the clothes back to the built in closet organizer by category. When the clothes hang, further organize them by color. Group all items in similar colors per category, such as black shirts together, then white shirts, then other colors.

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