How to Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

Jun 1st
Flat Screen Tv Wall Mounts Full Motion

Flat screen TV wall mount is a very efficient and fun way to enjoy entertainment. You can save space in a modern way. Decorating your room with wall mount can be customized depending on what your ideas. There is no space of flooring taken at all. Many of the benefits are to enjoy. How is it to do the installation of flat screen wall mounted TV? Check these out!

Corner mounts that retractable are so easy to install even by yourself. Just determine the wall stud to directly drill using bolts. More measuring and drilling should be done if you are using two studs bolting. Then it is time for the adjustment of the TV. You will want it to perfectly visible in every corner. Flat screen TV wall mount full motion is the very best model in this.

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It is highly recommended so that the corner cantilever flat screen TV mounted using the kit. The kit should be compatible with both of weight and size of the TV. Other tools including stud finder, stud bolts, power drill, tape measure, ruler, drill bit, pencil, bubble level and screwdriver are a must. Just decide where the flat screen TV wall mount to take place and get the work done.

In order to be a lot simpler to do it yourself installation, here are the steps.

Use the stud finder to locate the stud. It is best that closest to the corner side.

You can use pencil and mount’s plate to make two spot marks. They are meant for the pilot holes. Make sure using bubble level that the wall plate or stencil is already leveled.

Then you need to have pilot holes drilled through the walls. They are into the stud at the marks of pencil.

Flat screen TV mounting plate or brackets are to be attached onto the TV’s back panel. This is done using screws. You can tighten it by using a screwdriver.

The next step is to attach the assembly onto the mount. Use pilot holes to have mounting plate lined up. Then you can have two or more stud bolts drilled through it which then securely tightened.

The TV brackets are to be hung onto the arm or cantilever by using hooks of brackets. This is done once you have the mount assembly secured onto the wall stud.

Then the TV should be swung into the corner. This is done so that to form a perfect triangle with the two of walls’ adjoin. The corner mount will be hidden well behind the flat screen TV if you done it correctly.

Your flat screen TV wall mount is done. Now connect the TV power cord and all devices to enjoy the entertainment.

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