Elephant Laundry Hamper in Many Shapes and Form

Sep 6th
Elephant Laundry Hamper Basket
Elephant Laundry Hamper Basket

Elephant Laundry Hamper – I guess it’s because of the desire to go abroad. At this time of year, I love washing clothes. And it is always at this time of year, when I change the laundry basket if the one I have is old, damaged or just if I feel like changing it. Do you know that there are a lot of different options for choosing one or another laundry basket? Here I present only a sample of 7 baskets for different clothes.

I start with the most traditional, baskets for dirty wicker clothes and with round shape. These baskets can have different width, different height. But always have a lid and an inner lining that facilitates cleaning. Decorates and makes these baskets of clothes more hygienic. Like the round ones, they are the baskets for dirty square wicker clothes. The only thing that varies from these baskets to the more traditional ones is the elephant laundry hamper square shape. These feature the same with an inner lining and can also be found in different sizes.

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It is the laundry basket, ideal when there is little space. These baskets are foldable and removable. Which makes them very advantageous because they take up little space. And also they are easy to clean. Although this basket for cloth clothing is round. And I have not added to the list the square version, it is possible to also find them in this version. In my opinion, these elephant laundry hamper have the disadvantage that if they do not have a good interior structure. They fall and wrinkle gaps, offering an unpleasant image.

I wanted to add a basket for fun clothes like this wicker-shaped elephant, just as an example to take them into account. This basket is rattan and has an elephant face, but especially for children’s bathrooms can be found baskets for dirty clothes of other materials and other shapes, equal or more fun. The folding baskets like this one I added to the list are great when we have space but we want to take advantage of it. Because it is foldable and fixed to a fixed structure, this laundry basket allows you to use your envelope to leave cleaning products or whatever you need in the bathroom or in the laundry room.

I do not like anything but I think they deserve a space on a list of baskets for clothes. They are not aesthetic because besides being ugly, they let the dirty clothes look. Of course, if they have an advantage these baskets of clothes. That elephant laundry hamper are totally folding and perfect if we need them to, travel or in holiday homes.

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