Dual Laundry Hamper for Your Bathroom

Jun 22nd
Definition of a Dual Laundry Hamper
Definition of a Dual Laundry Hamper

Dual Laundry Hamper – Usually, at the time of designing our home, intended small spaces for our bathrooms. And despite being clearly functional environments, it is important to be comfortable, orderly and practical. For this reason, today with the help of our experts we want to present some ideas. They are fantastic and practical furniture for your bathroom is the laundry hamper. That is will allow you to keep it organized in a very aesthetic way.

You can take advantage of below the space that you have in your dual laundry hamper to have drawers of different sizes. Depends on what you want to store there. Perhaps in the broader drawer you can have more delicate elements. Such as makeup, lotions, shaving machine, etc. While the drawer underneath you can have your dryer, towels, etc. The ideal is that you have drawers very well distributed, with divisions of various sizes.

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Another way to take advantage of the space under the sink is by placing only shelves or an open cabinet. The items you put in this space should look good like for example towels, and those that look better hidden. You can buy baskets of wicker or jute to welcome them. Definitely the wooden furniture combines easily with any style and material. That gives great warmth to the environment. If in your design you contemplate having a large laundry room with plenty of space on your countertop. But you do not want a big piece of furniture underneath, this design is ideal for you. The dual laundry hamper we see has a large horizontal but not vertical. Allow wide and comfortable drawers but a single measure. The dark color of the wood gives a very elegant style. To the whole environment of light neutral colors.

This bathroom is really modern and sensational, with a unique concept located inside the main bedroom and divided with wooden logs. The beautiful tub also serves as a divide element between the bedroom and the bathroom. While against the wall we see a wooden table that holds the laundry room. And on the bottom has a shelf that allows keep orderly towels and soaps. Plants, mainly in the bathroom, have the advantage of absorbing moisture and giving us pure air. As well as being excellent decorative elements. It is for this reason that they must be infallible in this environment. You can have a special shelf for them. Place them on your dual laundry hamper or even create a piece of furniture where you can plant them.

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