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Mar 24th
Wall Mounted TV Stand Type

Wall mounted TV stand – Hang TV on wall not only offers comfort, also amplitude, and you gain space. Anyway, you may be interested to do it for feeling of cleanliness and how spectacular it. But what is right support and what to consider? And what is more important: how to install TV stand? We explain.

You’ve got your brand new TV at home or have simply decided it was time to hang your “old” wall mounted TV stand, so to work. Do is not complicated but requires a number of considerations if you do not want it to end in tragedy. What kind of support do I choose? It is first thing you have to ask. This is important to know if you need a simple support, just hang TV to wall, or if instead you need to tilt, movement or rotation.

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Fixed supports are simplest. These allow you to place your wall mounted TV stand like a picture, no more options. TV will be completely subject and you cannot do anything, not target a particular point or tilt. Its use is recommended if you are going to place TV to eye level when sitting. tilt brackets are second variable. Identical to above, difference is that they allow you to tilt screen, sometimes just down and other both up and down. Why do you need a tilt stand? Very simple, to prevent excessive viewing angle darkens screen. Idea is that line of sight between your eyes and screen is perpendicular to it. So if you put TV at some point you will need to allow that inclination.

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